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Office Furniture Accessories Selections

Flip Up Cable Trays.gif

Flip Up Cable Trays

Organise and hide your unsightly cables from your table top within our flip up cable trays. Available in woodgrain to allow a seamless finish, as well as in metal, with white and silver colours available.

Power Module.3274.png

Clamp-on Power Modules

For easy access to your power solutions, our clamp on power module can be added to your workstation. Our standard comes with 3 Power Points and 2 USB ports. *Customisable

CAT 6 LAN, Power Points or USB ports.

Desk Mounted Power Module.gif

Desk Mounted Power Module

Place your power solution anywhere on your desk using our Desk Mounted Power Module. 


CAT 6 LAN, HDMI, Power Points or USB ports.

Automated Desk Mounted Power Module.gif

Automated Desk Mounted Power Module

Conceal your power solutions when not in use with our Automated Desk Mounted Power Module. 


CAT 6 LAN, HDMI, Power Points or USB ports.

Grommet Hole Mounted Power Module.gif

Grommet Hole Mounted Power Module

Simply fit the power solutions on your tables using our Grommet Hole Mounted Power Modules. Comes with 2 USB ports and Wireless Charging.

Cable Risers.gif

Cable Risers

Manage the cables underneath your workstation using our cable risers. Available in plastic and neoprene.

Monitor Arm.gif

Ergotron Monitor Arms

Position your monitors in an ergonomical position using our monitor arms. Available in single or dual arm configurations and black or white colors.

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