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Panel Systems Selections
C6 HAT with GM WS (Mint).2357.png

Fixed Height and Sit Stand Deks Compatible

Our panel system is compatible with our fixed height desking and Acclimate Sit Stand Desks.

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Be Creative

Our table tops are not just limited to retangular tops. Inject some personality to your office with our customised table tops.

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Highly Customisable

Available in assorted configurations, heights and material options, these panels are designed to meet your needs for functunality and privacy.

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Power Point Punchouts

Our panel systems are designed with power point punchouts for easy access.


Cable Management

Power cables are run within the panels to assist you in achieving clutter free workspaces.

Increase your productivity by having a clean, organised workspace!

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Our Melamine Chipboard Table Tops are made of Green Label certified materials and have reduced carbon footprint