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Acoustic Panels Singapore Selections

Plain Panels.png

Plain Panels

A simple, yet stylish addition to your office that adds personality to any given room whilst removing echo within spaces

V Groove.png

V Groove

Utilising the latest cutting technology, V-Groove adds sophistication to your plain panels. Can be cut straight, diagonally or in curves

Veil Felt.png

Veil Felt

Adding a thin layer of fel onto plain panels, these double layer panels provides variations on colour choices with a unique play on design



Decorate your walls creatively whilst maintaining echo-absorbancy. Sizes and dimensions can be customised to your needs


Digital Print

Showcase artworks whilst maintaining echo-friendliness of a room using our digital print acoustic panels

3D Cut.png

3D Cut

For the bold, daring and different, 3D cut panels are a step away from flat panels, meant to capture the attention of anyone in the room

Hanging Screen.png

Hanging Screens

Serving as form of privacy and a decorative piece, hanging screens can be used to segregate and liven up office spaces, big or small


Ceiling Baffles

Decorate any empty ceiling space using our ceiling baffles. These come in a variety of shapes and designs

Acoustic Panel Colours
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