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Our Range of Office Pods

Privacy + Sustainability

Using environmentally sustainable materials and energy efficiency, our Pod+ range comes with advanced technology for effective soundproofing and easy connectivity to enhance productivity and comfort within the pod.

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Superior Aesthetic Design
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SilverSpace's Pod+ Gen 2 Series
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SilverSpace's Pod Gen 1 Series

Do you need an office pod?

Do people want good office space in Singapore? Phone booths in offices are also commonly referred to as the office pod, meeting pod, or private pod. These meeting pods help to serve you in every office, and specialize in various purposes, from private calls to small meetings.

The importance of office privacy pods

Many may be asking, why not use conference rooms? Firstly, the meeting spaces are intended for groups rather than individual people. By having office pods, it can be used conveniently with one or a small group of people. Secondly, some conference rooms may not be built with noise insulation, so an open professional conversation may disrupt the work environment. Fortunately, this issue can be fixed easily as it is possible to get effective office furniture such as sound-proofed office pods or phone booths.


It's not just a pod. It's a way to transform workplace culture

Once you have an office pod in your office, your workplace culture begins to shift. People use this convenient room as a place of communication and to work while being in a quiet and conducive environment. Our office pods are equipped with excellent noise-reduction technology which helps to provide a peaceful working space for everyone.

Having flexible office pod solutions are an excellent answer to today's demands, as meetings have changed – 80% of meetings today only consist of between four and seven people.

Instead of having built-in meeting rooms in your office, office pods help to eliminate this problem by saving space as it has high mobility. When you move to a new office, you can take the office pods with you, which is a greener option compared to having to build a meeting room.

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