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Open Environment

Office Storage Solutions Selections

Swing Door Cabinet.2536.png

Swing Door Cabinets

Store your documents and items neatly and out of sight using our swing door cabinets.

Open Shelf.2321.png

Open Shelving

For easy access to your items and documents, our open shelves, for your consideration.

Sliding Door Cabinet.2206.png

Sliding Door Cabinets

Store your documents and items neatly and out of sight using our sliding door cabinets

Mobile Pedestal (Coimbra).1977.png

Mobile Pedestals

Organise and store your personal documents neatly using our Mobile Pedestals, which can slot in nicely under our desking system.

Mobile Credenza (Coimbra).1982.png

Mobile Credenza

Having both a drawer and open shelf section, the Mobile Credenza is a verstaile storage solution that is functional, yet can be customised to add on a top cushion to use as a discussion seat.

3 Tier Locker.2622.png


Sharing workstations are common nowadays. Personal lockers allow for users to have their own personal storage space. These ca be customised to have pigeon holes, which allow for these lockers to act as letterboxes for mails and documents.


Planter Cabinets

Add on a planter section on your storages to inject some green into your office, as well as improve circulation within the workspace.


Highly Customisable

We provide a wide range of storage options at different dimensions, colours and locking options to help maintain an organised workspace.

green label.jpg


Our storages are made of 100% recyclable, Green Label certified melamine chipboards that leave behind a lower carbon footprint.

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