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Benefits of Having Pods in Your Office

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Do you want to make your workspace more productive and cost-efficient? Office pods are great for improving concentration and cutting out on extra expenses.

Office pods have become a new staple for modern workspaces and it is not merely about equipping your office with the latest products. Having pods in your workspace setting has a lot of advantages that will help you improve employee productivity and save cost on energy.

In this blog, we will discuss the five benefits of having pods in your office. However, first, we will dig in a little deeper and tell you what office pods really are.

What are Office Pods?

Well, the name gives away pretty much everything. Office pods are designed to set up your workspace more efficiently. These are portable cubicles for your employees to work in. These are great because unlike panels and an open desk system, a pod can accommodate more than one person which means that office pods are also great for working in a team.

Moreover, these improve individual focus and concentration. Office pods also give employees added privacy and they cancel out unnecessary noises meeting all the ideal working conditions.

In addition to all this, there are countless other benefits of introducing office pods to your workspace. If you are also striving to make a difference in your workspace aesthetic and overall efficiency, then this might be your cue to go for soundproof and noise-canceling office pods.

Five Benefits of Having Pods in Your Office

1. They are Energy Efficient

The very first thing about office pods is that they are extremely cost-efficient. Having office pods in your workspace means that you will have fewer dedicated offices. And the fewer offices you have, the less energy you are going to consume. Moreover, pods allow natural light to reflect through your private workspace reducing the need to use artificial light and hence saving power. And not only this, but these pods are also cheaper than separate cubicles. However, despite being cheaper, they are still the better option for increasing focus and providing privacy.

2. Reduce Noise

It has been observed in surveys that noise and distractions are the biggest handicaps of focus in a workspace. When you have a time-sensitive task at hand and the clock is ticking, it is very important to focus and concentrate. And it becomes very hard to focus when an animated client or co-worker is having a loud phone call or a group of your colleagues are having a discussion a few desks away from you. Office pods combat all these distractions easily and give you a space where you can work without losing your focus.

3. Saves Space

This is another amazing benefit of having pods in your office; they save space. A cluttered and disorganized working space loses productivity. About 85% of employees start working better and more efficiently if the working space and interior are well organized.

This is the reason why it is very important to have a better workspace aesthetic as well as save space on bulky and heavy office furniture. With office pods, you don't need to waste your money on expensive office furniture. These save space as well as money. In other words, these office pods are very multitasking. Most of the office pods come with rollers attached to them which means that you can easily move them and shift them to an isolated place when they are not needed. This feature will give you instant relief of space whenever it gets too crowded or congested.

4. They are Eco Friendly

With pods, when you move to a new office, you can just dismantle the pod and bring it over to the new office, rather than dismantling and constructing a new room. This creates less carbon emission from the construction work involved.

5. They are Cost Efficient

Last but not least, office pods are ten times more cost-efficient than traditional dedicated offices. Soundproofing a single room by lining its walls with acoustic panels can be very expensive, with all the materials required, as well as the construction time and costs involved. Pods, on the other hand, already come with soundproofing properties, are extremely quick to install, and can help you save on construction costs.

Quickly becoming the new norm for modern workspaces, office pods have a lot of benefits that need to be acknowledged. Introduce pods to your office and improve your workspace as well as increase your productivity.

Here at Silverspace, we supply a wide range of pods to serve a wide variety of purposes. From a small, enclosed space to do voice recordings and presentations, to a larger nursing space, or even a gaming area, our pods can be customised to suit any of your requirements.

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