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Managing Cables in a Panel-Based Workstation

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Having a clean and organized working space doesn't only add to your office aesthetic but also plays an imperative role in improving overall employee productivity and office mood. Simply put; you work more efficiently when your surroundings are better organized.

Have you ever come home from work only to clean an entire apartment so that you could rest peacefully? The same is the case with your workspace, you can focus better and work efficiently if your workstation is neatly organized.

The biggest enemy of neat workspaces is cables. Managing cables in workspaces is becoming increasingly challenging for employees. First off, there are just so many devices and appliances. We have computers, laptops, projectors, chargers, and much more. The problem with these devices is that we will need separate cables, wires, and data points for each of these devices which is never enough.

This is the major reason why some office places are cluttered and overflowing with unnecessary cables and wires. This tangled mess of wires in your office is enough to leave you feeling irritated and confused during work. Before you know it, your office floor becomes a maze of cables that you have to crisscross and navigate every time you walk over to the end of the corridor to get some coffee. In the worst scenario, these cables can be a hazard and pose a danger to your workplace safety.

Having a messy workplace is no ideal condition to work in; the flood of cables is extremely hard to manage and looks very messy in an office. Half of the time, a room or office looks ten times better by just removing the cables and wires from sight.

If you have a similar situation going on in your office, then it is probably time for you to start coming up with a better plan to manage the cables in your workspace. Panel-based workstations are very effective and useful when it comes to saving space and improving your office aesthetic, while also great for keeping cable clutter at bay.

To make things a little more manageable for you, we will explore in this article how you can manage cables and make everything look tidier in your office workspace.

How to Manage Cables in Office- What’s the Solution?

If you have been searching far and wide for the solution to manage cables in your workspace, then you have landed on the right article. We have just the right solution that will help you make your office look more organized and cleaner.

More likely than not, you must have heard of panel-based workstations. Panel-based workstations are now becoming the modern staple for workspace aesthetics. These are dedicated partitions or separations that are installed in your office to encourage collaborative work and an open desk system without compromising too much of your employee's privacy.

Panel-based workstations are great for several reasons

  • Segregate workspaces to make your office space neater

  • Customisable panel materials; glass or transparent polycarbonate panels allow for natural light to pass through, acoustic panels for additional soundproofing, and accessory rails for users to add stationery holders etc.

  • Easy to maintain and clean

  • A panel-based workstation is cost efficient

  • Saves the cost of building an additional room for more workspaces

Other than all these benefits, a panel-based workstation manages cables effectively. How? Let us tell you

How does a Panel-Based Workstation Manage Cables?

1. Cables can be hidden within the Panels

The greatest advantage of a panel-based workstation is that these panels can hide ugly-looking cables inside of them. This way, they can be stored safely inside the panels and you can have easy access to all the wires and data points. It is very important to make sure all the cables are safe and well hidden. A panel-based workstation will ensure that all your cables are safe. And the cherry on top is that panels are moveable which means that your cables move wherever you push your panels.

2. Easy Access to Data points

When your cables and data points cannot run along the wall, they can run along your panel system. We are constantly using devices in the office; therefore we need easy access to all the data points. I am sure everyone would agree that the best place in the entire office is the one close to the charging point.

In panel-based workstations, you can have easy and flexible access to all the data points. You can also plug in your charger or your laptop anytime you want without any hassle.

At SilverSpace, our panel systems are great with cable management as power cables are located within the panels to help achieve a tidy and clutter-free workspaces. With easy-to-access power point, you won’t have trouble finding a nearby data point for your laptops or desktop again. Also, our table tops are also made of Green Label certified materials with reduced carbon footprint.

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