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Where should acoustic panels be placed in an office?

Waiting Area with Digital Print Acoustic Panels

As businesses increasingly shift to remote work and virtual meetings, office acoustics are becoming more important than ever. Poor acoustic design not only affects the quality of conversations but can also lead to fatigue and decreased productivity. Acoustic panels can help reduce noise levels in an office space, but it is essential to know where they should be placed for maximum effectiveness. In this article, we will discuss why business owners should read on and learn how acoustic panels can improve their workplace environment.

What are acoustic panels made of?

Acoustic panels are typically made of polyester fibers compressed into boards. This material is designed specifically to reduce noise and control reverberated sound within interiors. 

How much noise can acoustic panels reduce in an office?

The effectiveness of acoustic panels in an office depends on the size and shape of the space, as well as the number and placement of the panels. Generally speaking, acoustic panels can reduce noise levels by up to 25 dB or more, which is a significant improvement. This level of reduction can create a much quieter environment in which it is easier for work efficiency in offices.

Identify the areas of your office where sound reverberation is an issue

Before you install acoustic panels in your office, it is important to identify areas where sound reverberation is an issue. Sound reverberation occurs when sound waves bounce off of walls and other surfaces and create an echoed effect. Common sources of sound reverberation include high ceilings, hard walls, and large windows. It can also be caused by too much furniture or clutter in a room. Once you have identified the areas of your office that need acoustic improvement, you can prepare your acoustic panels to install.

Where should acoustic panels be placed?

In most cases, acoustic panels should be installed on walls and ceilings to reduce sound reverberation. However, it is also important to consider how the panels will affect the aesthetics of the room. If possible, try to place the panels away from windows and other natural light sources to maintain a pleasant visual atmosphere. It is also important to leave space between panels so that sound can freely move around the room.

Place the acoustic panels in strategic locations throughout your office to reduce noise levels and improve acoustics. Areas of your office that are prone to reverberation, such as open-plan areas, conference rooms, and private offices, should be given special attention. Acoustic panels can also be placed around busy workstations or near noisy equipment to reduce background noise levels.

When it comes to acoustic panels, placement is key. Strategic placement of acoustic panels in your office can improve sound quality and reduce noise levels, resulting in a much more efficient work environment. With the right installation techniques and materials, you can create an acoustically balanced office that everyone can enjoy.

Why choose SilverSpace's Acoustic panels?

Our acoustic panels are Green Label Certified and made of Class B building materials. Our panels consist of many types and designs. For a minimal approach, we have plain panels and V-groove that can be added to your office to add personality to a given room whilst removing echo within spaces. Veil-felt can be added onto plain panels while adding variation in colour choices. We also provide digitally printed acoustic panels, allowing the panels to act as a decorative wallpaper of your choice, whilst maintaining its acoustic properties.

Our collection also includes hanging screens and ceiling baffles to decorate your office with a large variety of shapes and designs, while preventing excessive noise build-up for a quieter environment.

To find out more about our acoustic panels, check out our collection here!

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